PK, a forgettable movie

It is certainly not the best movie of Rajkumar Hirani and its success is mainly due to clever advertisements and the blown up controversies. If you have seen ‘Oh My God!’ of Akshay Kumar you would feel less excited while watching this movie as it had the same theme of exposing dubious religious beliefs.
Aamir Khan has performed like a true artist. Anushka too has done her role well but looks frigid with heavy make up. None of the songs were anywhere as good or captivating as those in ‘Three Idiots’ or ‘Munna Bhai …’, the earlier hits of Hirani. Boman Irani’s role as the TV channel boss seemed promising at the start but faded out as the movie progressed. Build up to climax fails due to unconvincing sentimental romance between the alien PK (Aamir Khan) and heroine and a live TV showdown between PK and the godman that is awful compared to some high octane setups we have seen in other movies.

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