Leaving for Ladakh


Earlier from Koyambedu to Central Railway station was in a readily waiting air conditioned Volvo bus. Fare  Rs. 35/-

It was strange that I calculated the time required to reach Chennai central well over a half an hour short. So there I was just under 5 minutes before it departed, almost catching it on the move.

I had reserved in Tamil Nadu Express, – not the one that hit the headlines today for the fire accident killing over 30 (they are still counting) – but the counterpart going to Delhi. This super fast train true to its name  was right on time… till it crossed Agra at about 4 am. Then the Northern power grid collapsed and shut all trains in the region including, – according to a mobile message a Delhi resident on board received, – the Delhi Metro rail.


So instead of reaching New Delhi at 7 am it reached at 12 noon. I patted my back for not booking the 9 am train from New Deli to Jammu to avoid a possible delay to the SF train.

With the help of a Tamil co-passenger who is an Army soldier I got an economy lodging to bath and freshen up. Then I enjoyed a lunch of north Indian roti and channa dal. It was cooked and served steaming hot from the pan and I relished it. The ripe mango achchaar was awesome.


Train to Jammu starts at 8.40 pm and my reservation has improved from WL 40 to RAC 9. Still 3 hrs to go before the charts are finalised and I am hopeful of a confirmed berth. That’s all for now. Wait for more…. : )


3 comments on “Leaving for Ladakh

  1. Ravi says:

    Thanks Jothi, it is like travelling with you.
    (From a camp about 400Km west of Brisbane)

  2. Austin says:

    Thanks Jothi. It is like reading a suspense novel. I can’t wait to hear if you got a seat in the train to Jammu.

  3. Venkat says:

    I read backwards, I mean I got to read this previous part after your latest one.

    Candid & lucid!

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