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Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud are icons in the world of psychology and literature.  They symbolize the opening of the western psychology towards hidden impulses, motives and complexes of human psyche. Some of their findings and theories are not at profound or deeper level according to some oriental spiritualists. They latter say their discoveries only confirm long known eastern psychological and philosophical thoughts. Their works and views are quoted by eminent thinkers and philosophers of modern times and they are held as high authorities in academic circles. Now a Hollywood movie “A Dangerous Method” (2011) portraying their private lives, particularly of Jung, based on written communications by themselves and other evidences brings them down from their exalted positions.

Jung is shown having sex with his mentally ill woman patients and in a scene spanking one of them. In another scene he falls on his knees and sobs to his patient turned lover not to leave him. When she leaves anyway, he takes another patient as his mistress.  As usual, the western biographers think it is worthwhile to concentrate on the actions of great men that may show them in poor light. Pulling them down and thereby diffusing attention on their main contribution to human progress.

Link to the movie on YouTube


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