“Being Different” Presented in Auroville

Author talking at the Auroville Town Hall Conference Room

 Shri. Rajiv Malhotra’s book release at the Conference Hall in Townhall was an occasion to savour the finest Indian renaissance spirit. He spoke at a quietly confident tone and articulated his ideas dispassionately but at the same time made the listening interesting with anecdotes. Through his book “Being Different” he strives to bring forth the truth behind the diversity, complexity and chaos of Indian life but he also clarified during the presentation that he accepts order and organisation of the west for certain spheres. His strength lays in the Indian view that there is one Truth but the path towards it are many and he vigorously advocates mutual respect between different religions instead of mere tolerance. He has had the manuscript of the book read by people of different religions and made use of their feedbacks for the final draft and it was interesting to know that even a Vatican authority for inter religious faith has highly appreciated the book.  

A copy each of the hardbound book with beautiful jacket was gifted to those who attended and the author also graciously signed the books.


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