America and its spouse Pakistan

End of poisonous marriage amid nuke terror fears

Last Updated : 09 Oct 2011 12:02:39 AM IST
(Excerpts- I dont’ subscribe to this view in total but present it here as it has an element of truth.)

The mismatched couple—America and its spouse Pakistan, are on the brink of divorce after over sixty years of marriage. Pakistan’s bastard child, Haqqani, has driven even a wuss like Barack Obama to talk of America breaking up with Pakistan.The two wed during the Cold War, honeymooned through the doomed Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and had one retarded child: Islamic terror. Since she didn’t work and lived on her husband’s money, America’s wife was envious of her neighbour, India, and got billions of mollifying dollars to buy arms, develop nuclear weapons (which the US now fears may be used during the divorce), build madarasas, line the pockets of the military and disappear into the bottomless pit of covert funds that were used to run operations against India and infiltrate Kashmir. Whenever a tiff happened between them, the wife batted eyelashes at another strong, nouveau riche neighbour, China. That was enough for America to cover Pakistan with more goodies.


America has itself to blame. While the British created Pakistan, the US remade Pakistan and as a result, Islamic terror. The Washington Post, in 1992, revealed how Pakistani military showed CIA Director William Casey—on a secret mission to Islamabad—three secret training camps near the Afghan border, where he proudly watched the mujahideen making bombs with CIA-supplied plastic explosives and detonators. It was Casey who sent thousands of Korans across Afghanistan to the Soviet Union’s predominantly-Muslim republics. From 1985 onwards, the CIA supplied the mujahideen with extensive satellite intelligence on Soviet military plans. The US created secret communication networks and “supplied delayed-timing devices for tons of C-4 plastic explosives for urban sabotage and sophisticated guerrilla attacks, long-range sniper rifles, a targeting device for mortars linked to a US Navy satellite, wire-guided anti-tank missiles, and other equipment”. The Afghan war changed in 1986, when the CIA gave the mujahideen Stinger anti-aircraft missiles. By end-1980s, the US had given the mujahideen more than $2 billion in guns and money; the largest covert program since World War II. Not only that, the CIA was instrumental in bringing Islamist groups to Af-Pak to wage jihad against Communism.Modern Islamic terror is America’s baby.


Full article at TNIE website


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