What is your moral driving IQ?

This is the first of a series of article I propose to publish to focus on psychological causes and explore a psychological solution to inconsiderate and aggressive driving that is causing risk to the life and limbs of people.

What follows is taken from a Moral Driving IQ Test published by www.dr.driving.org. that reveals what goes on within drivers who indulge in inconsiderate and aggressive driving. Though apparently the test is based on responses from mainly car drivers, the situation is quite applicable to motorised two wheeler riders as well. There are totally twenty situational responses and you have to note and tally how many of them would approximate your reaction in the same situations. Deduct your tally from 20 and that is your Moral Driving IQ score.

Test Yourself Exercise: — What’s your Moral Driving IQ?

___ When there is heavy traffic in front of me going in the same direction, I weave and try to get ahead.

___ When I’m late in getting to my destination, I become less patient and tailgate slow moving motorists.

___ When someone cuts me off and then proceeds to slow down, I feel like hitting that car from the back.

___ When a driver cuts in front of me suddenly, especially without signaling first, I get very nasty thoughts about them.

___ When I’m showing off for friends, I take too many risks.

___ When I’m listening to loud, fast music on my stereo, I drive like I feel.

___ When I drive late at night, I become a speed demon.

___ When I encounter road hugging pedestrians, I feel like pushing them out of my way.

___ When other drivers become aggressive or tailgate me, I slow down to punish them.

___ When I’m surrounded by other automobiles and I get that closed in feeling, I feel like bolting out.

___ When I’m under stress due to work, I get very angry at all the other drivers and take it out on them.

___ When I have problems on my mind and it’s hot and people cut in front of me, I want everybody else to get off the road.

___ When a passenger criticizes me, it puts me in a bad mood and I retaliate verbally.

___ When there is an aggressive environment around me and cocky motorists drive recklessly next to me, I get into an angry rebellious mood.

___ When other drivers think that they are the only ones on the road and act carelessly, I start hating them.

___ When cars next to me or behind me do something stupid like signaling and then not turning, I call them bad names in my mind.

___ When others squeeze their cars in front of me and I have to come to a screeching halt, I feel like crashing into them to teach them a lesson.

___ When other people don’t follow traffic signals like failing to make a full stop, I lambaste them with terrible words.

___ When I’m in a rush to get somewhere, upset, or frustrated and I feel that it’s taking more time than I can afford, I then cut in front of other cars and go through yellow lights.

___ When another car is trying to cross my path or enter my lane, I close the gap to prevent it from entering.

If anyone has a score less than twenty he/she will have to think seriously on how to reject the unwanted response/action from arising within and manifesting. Take this test periodically, maybe every week or month till you score 20/20. Recommend this test to other riders/drivers you know.

High level of self control over your emotions, thoughts and actions while driving not only ensures accident free driving for you but has a contagious effect on other drivers as well.


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