“Marks for Sports” Campaign

There is no regular sports activities in majority of schools in India and where they do, the sports facilities are not maintained well or utilised properly. Schools that have appointed a qualified sports instructor are an exception rather than the rule and sports is the first casualty when an examination date approaches. Sports activities of students appearing in public examination are stopped weeks, if not months before the date of exam. Even though it is well known that a sound body has a sound mind there is absence of will among the teachers and management to integrate physical education with the predominantly mind oriented education in schools.

Scoring marks in the public exams remains the most important goal of school authorities and parents today and sports is seen as an avoidable additional expense. Activists for promoting sports in education therefore, in a bid to make sports indispensable in school education, have been demanding provision of marks for sports activities in schools.  NDTV has lauched a “Marks for Sports Campaign” and all who support can join at www.ndtv.com/micro/marksforsports/aboutthecampaign.aspx

This may help bring about basic attitudinal change necessary in youth and educators which in turn can lead to spread of sports activity as a popular culture in all centres of learning and work places.


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