What do you do when you are travelling and your acquaintances rob you of everything? You laugh at their folly and carry on because no power can deter you from your purpose. A man from Russia showed it to the world. Read this report from NDTV:

Russian walks 9,000-km home after being

Indo-Asian News
, Updated: September 07, 2011 19:18 IST

 Moscow: A 47-year-old Russian walked 9,000 km from Moscow to his hometown on the Kamchatka Peninsula
after he was robbed of money, a media report said.The man’s troubles began in Moscow in 2010 when his acquaintances stole his documents and money.
The man decided to return home to Kamchatka by foot, the Russian Komsomolskaya Pravdanewspaper said on Tuesday.
During his 400-day trip, the man had been making ends meet by recycling empty glass bottles and
working as a porter and unskilled worker, the tabloid said.The Vladivostok police, in Russia’s Far East, were perplexed when the tramp in worn-out boots said he had been robbed in Moscow — after he had crossed
practically all of Russia.

Police found the robber and returned the man’s belongings and money.



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