Supreme Court’s Committee calls TN Govt’s School Textbook more a Source of Stress

A nine member panel of experts constituted by Supreme Court to report on the quality of text books and syllabus prescribed for Tamil Nadu’s new Uniform School Education System (USE) has said they cannot provide good quality education. The panel has made the following observations in its report according to news in New Indian Express published today.

– The textbooks did not provide for constructive learning and, hence, did not give students an opportunity to discuss, interact and express their spontaneous views. The books would not ignite in children a passion for understanding, the report said.

– The textbooks seemed to have been prepared in haste; they had been translated from Tamil to English—which in general was poor and at times atrocious, the report said, adding that literal translations had made the science and social science textbooks of all classes worthless.

– There were also no activities in the books and, therefore, no opportunity for children to come up with their own observations. With an overload of information, the emphasis was more on memorising. “Hence, the textbook is more a source of stress and would in no way foster creativity and joyful learning.”

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3 thoughts on “Supreme Court’s Committee calls TN Govt’s School Textbook more a Source of Stress

  1. Ravi Iyer July 7, 2011 at 12:31 am Reply

    Over the years, politicians always played a role in text books. (Social Engineering?) Now we have few generations of teachers who have bare minimum knowledge and transfer next to nothing to students. Though Tamils seemed to be fanatics about teaching their kids in ‘High Quality’ schools, English medium, majority of schools are businesses, drain money from parents and impart poor education. No wonder, supreme court commented on the translation, it is a truth that we have English medium educated teachers, who are bad in English and don’t know Tamil. Sad, that school children are suffering, caught in the middle. But, I already see a moderation committee, allowing generous marks in the final exam. (I could not believe the recent 10 th exam results, with 6 or 7 kids scoring first mark and some 17 kids coming second) So, the exam result needs different kind of interpretation, like the student was not absent for that exam! (I am not saying, my generation was better, it was equally bad, and I am still learning)

    • jothicharles July 17, 2011 at 8:09 am Reply

      Hi Ravi,
      Even though you are living far away from India your understanding of the problems of education here is precise. Here with just a few days before the examinations for my students I see more clearly how the knowledge seeking takes a back seat and remembering to write, rather memorising to write, becomes the dominant factor.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. vinod August 11, 2011 at 2:00 pm Reply

    TN very likely Govt.


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