What Manmohan and Gilani will chat at Mohali?

Innocent Indian lives are lost due to Pakistan sponsored terrorism but the leaders of Pakistan have been invited to watch an India-Pak cricket match. That is despite the fact that similar diplomatic stunts in the past have come a cropper. I found this humorous piece on the net cynical of the move.

Cricket match in progress at Mohali…

(Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India) MMS: What a shot by Sachin…

(President of Pakistan) Gilani: what a ball by Afridi..Janab excellent

MMS: Forget about the Game..By the way Gilani when are you planning to hand over Dawood, Saeed , Rehman etc..you are taking too much time..the Indian public, opposition is after my ass..our party has to win elections next time..

Gilani: What can I do Manmohan..I tried alot..nobody listens to me..I am a puppet just like you

MMS (angrily): Puppet..what do you mean???

MMS ( meanwhile): what a shot..it is aboundary great…see Afridi has been hammered by Sachin

Gilani: wait ..wait for Afridi dhamaka..

MMS: just send Dawood etc to India..see how Kasab is living nicely..nothing will happen..things go on….…the way you have kept them in your place

Gilani( meanwhile): woow..Hafeez fielded well

MMS ( shivering): what is Hafeez doing here…he should be in Pak..you were supposed to hand over to us

Gilani: what Manmohan you are shivering..I was referring to Mohammed Hafeez (player) ..wipe the sweat on your forehead..

MMS: Just send them to india…

Gilani: I will try..we also have a list of wanted Indians..keep your list ready.I will talk to pak Army and ISI. (irritated) enjoy the match now ..don’t bore me..why did you invite me..to watch or chat?


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2 thoughts on “What Manmohan and Gilani will chat at Mohali?

  1. Ravi Iyer March 28, 2011 at 11:09 am Reply

    Well, Jothi you didn’t say what happened to the match, who reached finals?
    Another thought, we all have seen when puppets to the acting, this is one show when puppets are spectators!

  2. jothicharles March 31, 2011 at 11:32 am Reply

    Good observation Ravi. India went to to the finals.

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