Town Plan of Auroville as a symbol of Future

Source: Mother’s Agenda, Volume 9, Institut de Recherches Evolutives, 142 blvd du Montparnasse, F-75014 Paris   

April 20, 1968     

I got today a letter from a Swedish lady, I think (Swedish or Norwegian, I don’t know), who bought a crucifixion…. A HUGE painting – huge, I forget its size, but it’s fantastic, something like thirty feet high. She asks me what she should do with it! She wants to send it to me…. So I’ve told her (she paid a good sum for it, but she’s a very rich woman; only she wanted to make a gift of it to me), I’ve told her to make an exhibition in a large hall, with, written under the painting, “The Past.” Then to put next to it, quite small, a photo of the galaxy, which is almost identical to Auroville’s plan – a photo of the galaxy, big as this, and below, Auroville’s plan big as this (gesture still smaller), and to write, “The Future.”     And she’ll make people pay to come in and see!

Do you know that photo of the galaxy? It’s really lovely. One of the plans for Auroville is almost identical, and they did it without seeing the photo of the galaxy…. They’ll put those two photos, and if people ask questions, they’ll be told, “Write there, you’ll get an answer.” 

I thought it would be an interesting symbol.You understand, if I put anything else, I mean a photo of Sri Aurobindo, for instance, or books, it will look like … it will be as if we wanted to start a new religion – I don’t want religions, an end to religions! So it’s an attempt to realize.                                                                                                        

                                                                        * * *  

 (Mother then goes into a long contemplation that will last till the end.) Do you have anything to ask? Are things all right? Oh, it’s very interesting…. These days seem to be decisive ones. All supports are done away with, there remains only That One.   

April 23, 1968    


(Mother shows a brochure on Auroville; the first photograph in it shows the all-white urn under a vast sky.)  

It’s very fine. It has something … I don’t know(Mother drives her fist down into the Earth) like a Law of Destiny: something that imposes itself.



Did I tell you that a Swedish or Norwegian lady wants to send me a big crucifixion?… I did. But I didn’t show you the two texts. You see, I chose a photo of the galaxy, then a photo of Auroville that somewhat looks like the first, and then, under the crucifixion, we’ll have in big letters  

(Mother reads):    “The Divine Consciousness crucified by man’s desires.”   Then, in very small letters, like this, we’ll put under the photo of Auroville:  

 “The Divine Consciousness manifested through human unity.” We’ll see! The lady has a lot of goodwill, we’ll see the response in her country.


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