Oscar sings hosanna to anti-war doco

Interesting view point from internet

Excepting the occasionally boring melodramatic ones the Oscar has more often gone to movies with all round excellence. But this year’s winner The Hurt Locker questions Oscar committee’s claims to awarding excellence in the world of English movies. The movie is unlike a feature film and feels more like a documentary. It just meticulously shows a bomb disposal team’s life on and off the field. The pacifist message behind the movie is made clear at the beginning itself: war is an addictive drug. It is understandably good to have a counterpoint such as that but to deserve the top prize in the world it should have taken more in depth exploration of the issue. The only profound(?) dialogue after the opening ideological quote being in the last scene uttered to a playing child forecasting that he would soon lose interest in his playthings(!). Obviously this Oscar committee has been overwhelmed by the war wearied peaceniks’ campaign that began spectacularly with tens of thousands pouring into the streets of western capitals when the Iraqi invasion began. Though the mass marches soon fizzled out over time but at least now the peaceniks have a chance to claim some vindication of their agitations and even victory of ‘popular anger, indignation etc. etc.’because of the the present U.S. President Obama’s efforts to pull back overseas troops from Afghanistan and Iraq is gaining momentum. However it is to be noted that the U.S had already achieved the chief task of dethroning of Saddam and charges of WMD’s in Iraq served as an excuse. Saddam himself was the biggest weapon of mass destructions and it doesn’t matter if they couldn’t find any other hardware fitting that description. As the movie has been catapulted to top place unfairly due to its political message rather than cinematic or artistic excellence it is fitting to take a critical view of the ideology it propounds.

American military intervention that started begining of the end of second world war was necessitated subsequently several times in much smaller scale but at several places around the globe. Propping up South Korea and Taiwan as a check against totalitarian China to several other interventions have helped parts of the world from sliding into anarchy or blood cuddling despotism. However American public opinion has been increasingly less than enthusisastic of overseas army operations and since the world war it seems no administration has the will to persist when the body bags begins to arrive after start of a military operation. This has lead to increasing resortment to aerial attacks using smart bombs from a safe hight above ground and avoiding ground assaults as much as possible. And now there are drones to reduce even the fighter plane attacks. American intelligentsia is caught by the movements of anti war peaceniks and greenpeace activists who by their ignorant fanaticism blunt the will of governments to fight forces that always want to turn the clock of human civilsation and evolution backwards wherever possibe – be it in Saddam’s Iraq or Tailbanised AFPAK areas. Showering awards on movies like The Hurt Locker is actually a sign of pendulum swing reaction from extreme materialistic enjoyment to extreme tree hugging, concern for nature.

Peace cannot be until the debt to Rudra is paid, said the integralist Sri Aurobindo in his essays on the Gita – a message to be pondered by those who oppose all wars.

So it is thumbs down to The Hurt Locker. It deserves screening at anti-war audience culturual circuits and an award perhaps under doco category but not as the best English movie of the past year.


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